8 Healthy Hair Tips for Men

8 Healthy Hair Tips for Men

The way that looks after your scalp can be the difference between a dry one or an oil one. Why is your hair dry? Why is your hair oily? There are so many products you can buy today that prevent dryness or an oily scalp, there are a few healthy hair tips you can follow that produce very good results.

  1. Avoid taking a shower with very hot water

While there aren’t too many things wrong with a very hot shower but it does remove oil from your hair. This will make your scalp dry, frizzy and you will notice a lot of split ends. Make sure you show with lukewarm water to keep the natural oil in your hair to prevent dryness, splits ends and frizziness.

  1. Buy a sulfate-free shampoo

Many shampoos sold on the market will have sulfates in them. This compound is what creates the foams that you see what you are in the shower. Take a different approach and look for sulfate-free shampoos because they will wash any chemicals on your head that may have accumulated over time from using other shampoos. This will breathe new life to your scalp and your hair will be healthy.

  1. Shampoo your hair once in a while

The majority of men use shampoo on their hair every time they hit the shower. As pointed out above, this will remove the natural oil your hair needs. Minimize the shampoo use and just rinse your hair with water once in a while so that you keep the natural oils more often than removing them.

  1. Stay away from blow dryers

A blow dryer leads to a dry scalp, split ends and frizziness because of the heat that it produces. Letting your hair dry naturally will prevent any of the issues pointed out.

  1. Use less styling products

Products such as hair gels and spray are designed to enhance the look of a man however, try to go easy on them. Using too much hair products will make your hair appear unnatural. Read the label and know the right amount to apply to ensure you don’t cause damage to your scalp and hair.

  1. Try to keep your hair as natural as possible

Your hair can be damaged over time if you change its color often, straightening and perming it a lot just to name a few. Stay clear of excessively performing all these procedures if you want your hair to remain healthy.

  1. Visit your barber regularly

You need to have a hair cut routine that you must follow religiously. Try to see your barber every 4-6 weeks for a haircut. This keeps your hair strong and healthy.

  1. Don’t expose your hair to plenty of sunlight

The sun’s UV rays are very harmful to our skin when we are exposed to them too much. The same applies to hair and if you are in the sun for too long, your scalp will become dry and lead to shedding. Minimum your exposure to the sun and your hair will thank you for that.

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