How To Generate Leads With Content Marketing In 2021


Are you completely lost while thinking about content marketing? Or you think it is a difficult task and requires expertise? Don’t worry; I’ll help you answer all of these questions.

There are a number of search engine giants working in the market. You can have an option to use these platforms for the promotion, similar to game development industries. But keep this in mind that, there is the patterned manner of doing this.

The most famous mantra for marketing is content is the King’, and we all have heard about it. This is why; I believe that; content marketing is the adequate way of promoting your business.

It is three times more effective than traditional marketing.


Probably you are aware of all this? Don’t worry; I will provide you with detailed and smart approaches for using content marketing for lead generation.  

1.   Facebook Ads

So let me guess, is there anyone who hasn’t used Facebook. Almost all of the youngsters out there have used Facebook, which has made it a useful platform for promotions and marketing campaigns.

There are almost 3.6 billion people using social media in the world. This can be used as a perfect tool. Take advantage of these platforms and start your content marketing right now. You can attract immense traffic to your website.

This is optimizing your social media profile. Use your selected target audience for target promotions.


Wait; don’t get confused, I’ll help you. There is a tool named ‘Facebook Audience Insights’. This tool is located in the Facebook Ad manager.

It contains details regarding different set of the targeted audience. This can support you in creating a customer persona. This tool is equipped with various filters that can be used to customize the details further.    

2.   Guest Blogging

Guest blogging or blog posts are an effective way of content promotion. You can pay someone to write your essay or your content.

You know, we all utilize the essential searching methods and rely on the information available.

Almost 79% of the customer found it to be effective. Inspired? Wait, there are more to go.

Use link building in guest blogging as a juice. Increase the strength of your business. Utilize the most demanding keywords that link search engines with your website.

There are different tools that can be utilized to find the appropriate keyword. Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs and SEMRush are some of these. You can also use software to maintain web traffic.  


3.   Landing Pages

Going all well, you have completed all of the above steps adequately. But this step is still critical if you do not cater to this one, then all will go in vain.

You know all of these efforts are to generate sales. This aim can only be fulfilled by landing page, as it can increase your sales by 220%. Now consider what if everything is fine, but your landing page, which is a marketing hack, is lousy and bogus.

What are you going to do? The essential step is to remove the navigation bar from the webpage. This provides a lot of information, creating confusion.

Next is your Call-To-Action button that should be attractive and visible.

Moreover, it is important that the content on your landing page is relevant and concise. It should provide all the information which your reader is looking for. In some cases, it can be beneficial to hire a website content writer to produce landing pages for you.

4.   E-Book

Creating and publishing an e-book is considered as the most effective among all. This is evident from the fact that there is almost $8.7 billion in revenue generated by the sales of e-book. This percentage is increasing rapidly over time.

Didn’t get my point? You can use these books for promoting your content and business. You can use your business as an example of an ideal company. Or you can include guides and tips relating to the business.

I knew you are still confused, and questions are hitting your mind. These books are for free and can be created by you. Or hire a freelancer for this.

The strategy is entirely free of cost. You only have to hire a freelancer, if you doubt your writing skills.  

5.   Webinar

This last year was the tough one for all of us. But, still, some businesses grow and strive in these critical conditions.

I’ll tell you the secret ingredient. The webinars are the sheer power to attract a targeted audience warmly. Almost 61% of marketers use it. Though the ratio of success is dependent upon the actionable tips, it is going to provide.

Select the perfect day for your webinar, keeping in mind the availability of your audience.


To evaluate your success, there is an easy yet effective tip. You can use the best essay writing service UK.

Or you can ask a similar audience for their information or take feedback from the people regarding the webinar. Their interest will reflect your success.   

6.   Consumer Case Studies

Use case studies to promote your online business. The case studies can narrate excellent and bad stories. It can comparatively provide details regarding your business.


Use them effectively to compare your business with competitors. Or inspire the target audience by reflecting your Corporate Social Responsibility activities.  

7.   Podcasts

The podcasts are the innovative and newest form of content marketing. These podcasts are the series of episodes on a specific topic, promoting an element.


The tool is already in the boom. The statistics reflect that within a year; there are almost 29 million episodes of podcasts.

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Are You Ready…?

So, are you ready to adopt these techniques in order to bring in more sales and generate a higher number of leads using content marketing? This is the high time to use these seven tips and make the most of it.

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