How to choose the right construction budgeting software?

Construction budgeting is just like any other budgeting process in business. You have an initial plan on what you want to spend and when spending the budget, you want to be sure you do not go over.

In smaller projects, construction or not, it is quite easy to keep track of the original budget and actual costs. This is due to the fact that the project does not last for a very long time and does not have so many different positions in the budget to track.

For regular construction projects, the duration is often measured in years. In addition to that, the budget might contain hundreds of rows and have a total cost of millions of dollars. In a project like this, any minor mistake you make might end up costing tens of thousands.

That’s why it makes sense to use a software system to support you with the calculations and processes. There are however some questions that you should ask yourself before you decide to purchase a software package.

  1. Does it integrate with my other tools?

Most companies already use some cloud tools that are included in the financial process. Be it the email service that receives the bills or the accounting software where the payments are being made. You want to have a tool that fits into the workflow without having to change how everyone else in the team works.

  1. Is it secure?

Since you will be inputting your financial information on a software system, you want to be sure that the data is securely stored in the system. And that no one else has access to it since there are your competitive advantages visible in the data.

  1. Does it make the end-user life easier?

In most cases, construction software is built for management and not for the users. This means that even though the company spends money and time to implement the software, nobody actually benefits from it. The end-users need to spend more time compiling reports through a potentially complicated and restricting user interface that doesn’t add much value.

  1. How is the customer service?

When you implement a new system, it is critical that the customer service team helps you get started and give answers to the first questions that may come up. If the support team is not accessible and answers in a week’s time, it is possible that you already gave up and did it somehow outside of the software instead.

  1. What is the price?

Many construction software options need you to purchase the whole package upfront without being able to test it properly. This means that you might spend tens of thousands on licenses and implementation only to find out that it doesn’t really work for you.

An alternative option to this is that you buy a software package that grows when your needs grow. Some options might even include a free tier or a trial period so that you can be sure that what you’re buying is really something you are looking for.


If you find construction budgeting software that answers the questions to your satisfaction, then go ahead and test it out. There is no need to manually do the same repetitive process every month if a computer can do it all for you instantly.

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