2017: THE 6TH ANNUAL Fly book AWARDS

The 2017 Fly book Awards balloting has closed. Thank you for your vote, and stay tuned for the announcement of the winning programs.

For the sixth straight year, FlyerTalkers will cast ballots to determine the community's favorite travel affinity programs. Official ballots will open in January 2017, with preliminary nominations process to take place in the Fly book forums in December 2016.

Perhaps the most rewarded group in the history of these programs, Fly book is a community of over half a million business and leisure travelers dedicated to finding and sharing elite-level knowledge of air, hotel and car rental programs. These are not casual travelers; they are industry influencers. Their favorite programs can truly be called the best in the world . because they have tried them all.

Over one hundred rewards programs worldwide vie for Best Program, signifying the finest combination of value, ease-of-redemption and customer service. Fly book is presenting nine of these awards across three geographical regions, along with nine more awards for the Outstanding Benefit of the past year. Also visit my website, in which you can find acs student loans phone number.

How the Awards are chosen:

Voters are asked to submit a six-part online ballot, ranking their top four programs (1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place, 4th place) in each award category. Ballots are tabulated using a single-winner voting method (a modified Borda count) with a proprietary weighting system, and audited over a period of weeks. This ensures that small programs, meeting a modest minimum qualifying percentage of votes cast, have the same chance of winning as the largest players in their industry; high program participation does not necessarily equate to a higher Quality Score. A perfect Quality Score . receiving nothing but 1st-place votes . is 10.