Beautiful Natural Stone in Your Home

The marble tiles are an obvious choice for homeowners, but most people opt for this natural stone from popular sentiment, and not because they know the basics of marble than the type of maintenance and the stone How many colors are in this stone is available. If you want to use marble in your house, then it will be better if you learn from the pros and cons of this beautiful natural stone. You will be surprised to know that this stone has its disadvantages, but it’s true that there are some disadvantages that you can stop them is to install this stone in your home.

No one will believe that the marble tiles that for centuries by kings and queens, have some disadvantages. This stone requires strict security patches, because it very easily. It is not suitable for cooking, because you have many caustic and acidic liquids to use the distorted deep in stone and can be set forever. But you can use on the work plan, since it’s fairly easy to clean work surface. This stone is perfect for use on and around the fireplace in the lounge. But if you do not recommend it in the bathroom, so I can only use on and around the shower and bath.

It is not difficult to clean marble tiles, stone floor but cleaning is a very time-consuming and labor intensive job. And if you are not willing to spend some time on your weekend cleaning marble floors, so I can beat ceramic or slate. The beauty of this stone will force you to use the important corner and cranny of your home. To determine whether you should be able to clean these tiles or not, you must first know how they are cleaned.

To marble tiles, only oxygen bleach to clean soft brush and scrub. Flood tiles with bleach to oxygen and leave the pavement flooded for at least 15 minutes. Leave the solution on time and after brushing the tiles to remove stains and dirt. The removal of scrub stubborn stains, you can but make sure not to damage the tiles. If you do this job once or twice can make in a month, then you should this beautiful natural stone in your home.

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