Bedroom Design and Decorating

The rooms are where you sleep, and there is also a love. This causes the warm, cozy and peaceful, or love may not want to live there. In this article we give some tips to improve the experience of someone’s bedroom.

It would be good if the bedroom is the entrance room and kitchen, or at least insulated from the need to protect yourself against slamming the bedroom door, the music in another room, the noise in the kitchen, and the sound of water in the bathroom.

If your bedroom is both living room and dining room (eg suites), make sure to hide the bed from view. You can fence out of bed, or put something bright and distracting side of the bed, for example, a beautiful vase. This simple method can be beneficial for your personal life.

During the day, trying to attract more Qi into the bedroom feng shui. Slide the screen door and let the sunlight. If possible, open windows. Remember that sunlight should not be placed directly on the bed when the sun can trigger the bed and make it difficult to sleep.

A bed with two adjacent buffer will create a symbolic separation of spouses, it is best to avoid. For this reason, the pressure the best way to avoid sleeping on two beds together.

It is not advisable to sleep on the bed or beds around (very unstable). The bed is stable and strong.

The return of the bed, also has some significance. Dong and his back is not the best curved (semicircular means incomplete). It is best to return the rectangle. In general, the bed is simply to have a solid back.

One of the most important factor is the location of the bed. Lying in bed, you should see the bedroom diagonally, but not with your feet facing the door. Beds should not be placed under the ceiling beam ceiling, so it can be filled with problems. The beam is parallel to the bed can cause problems in the relationship between husband and wife. Best to hide the ceiling beams or moving bed. If you do not have such opportunities, consider attaching bamboo attached with red thread to the beam.

A lamp in the ceiling can symbolize division bed (and some sleep) in two, so it is best to move the bed in this case.

The bed should not stand in the middle of the room, because it creates instability. Ideally, the bed should be in contact with the wall (the back of it), is supported. A bed was on the side wall can mean that a bachelor life. If you want a life partner, should the bed provide a practical approach for you.

Bedding should not have pictures of animals of prey (dangerous) or car (concern). Linen is not blue, black or red.

If you want to sleep, remove everything except the bed and the charm of love from the bedroom feng shui. Make your bed attractive, fresh and fragrant.

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