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ANA and Carry-On Baggage Weight: How Strict are They?


Old Dec 31, 14, 1:48 am
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ANA and Carry-On Baggage Weight: How Strict are They?

So I live in Japan and always fly Delta for my trips to and from the U.S. However, for the first time, I bought tickets from ANA for my return trip- MSP to ORD to NRT because it was significantly cheaper.

I have always brought a purse and a carry-on that fits size restrictions. In my carry-on, I tend to put my laptop, my Wacom pen tablet, my DSLR and a number of books, since I have a large collection in the US and can't afford to ship them to Japan. therefore I've been taking them over in stages.

I have never been required to weigh my checked baggage in the past, but although I've carried some heavy carry-ons, I've never need help loading them, and I've always waited until most passengers have gotten off the plane until I take it down from the overhead.

Anyway, imagine my shock to stumble across the ANA policy of 22lbs between ALL carry items. Since the airline can't insure my electronics, that means my laptop and Wacom tablet alone are going to knock off half of my allowance at about 10lbs combined.

So here's my question- anybody have experience with ANA that can tell me how strict this policy is? I hate the fact that if my carry-on gets tagged, it looks like I'll be required to pay 100USD for an additional checked bag, since my previously checked bag will have already been processed at that point and I can't just transfer the heavier items to my checked suitcase for the 40USD fee of overweight baggage...
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Old Dec 31, 14, 2:53 am

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I never seen ANA weighs carryon
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Old Dec 31, 14, 3:26 am

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Welcome to Flyer Talk.

I have experienced the complete opposite from the above with ANA. Unlike UA, which only looks at the size of the carry-on rather than the weight, I have had ANA check the weight of my rollaboard multiple times.

As a new poster, you might not know that we have a dedicated ANA-specific forum where you will probably get more and better responses. I'll alert a moderator and ask that this thread be moved there.
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Old Dec 31, 14, 8:22 am
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Welcome to Flyertalk, Kfallsover! Glad you found our little corner of the Interwebs.

As mentioned above, Fly book is broken out into several fora - by airline, by hotel chain, by destination, by travel topic, etc. As your question pertains to ANA, we'll move this to the ANA forum where the experts there can chime in.

/JY1024, TravelBuzz co-moderator
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Old Dec 31, 14, 12:29 pm
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For me personally, I've never had ANA weigh my carry on bag. Maybe I'm just lucky. YMMV.
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Old Dec 31, 14, 1:02 pm

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Another data point where on dozens of TPAC trips with ANA, I've never had a bag weighed except for checked luggage of course.

That said, they did weigh and then deny me bringing on my roller board on a domestic flight from NRT to FUK. That really irked me.
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Old Dec 31, 14, 5:55 pm

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Never had carry on bags weighed or sized on international or domestic. However, on occasions, only when in Y, I have been asked to show/hold up my carry on to the check in agent, presumably to visually assess if it meets requirements. They also seem to go through periods of trying to make people attach hand baggage tags to luggage; no idea why. I have never been checked at the boarding gates for carry on, even when blatantly breaking the limits for size/weight and number of bags.
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Old Jan 8, 15, 11:45 am

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I think they first look at your bag

I've had NH weigh my bags twice out of the last 15 trips. Once was ex-US and another was at NRT. Both times I was using a carryon that appears bulky (22" Kirkland old style). And both times, while exceeding whatever limit there was for carry-on luggage, was permitted to proceed because I told them I was carrying a medical device (CPAP) in it.

Since switching to a slimmer 20" rollaboard in 2014, no one has asked. And it has been perhaps 6+ trips already with the new bag since last year.

So I think it helps if your main carryon luggage has a lower profile. And I have never ever had them ask for the "personal item" (which is a computer bag or backpack) to be weighed, even when my rollaboard was.
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Old Sep 3, 15, 9:36 am

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Will be traveling on ANA IAH-NRT-CGK soon.

I have the Victorinox 20" carry-on so that shouldn't be a problem since it's "low profile". But I was wondering if they would pick at my backpack? It's not bulky but definitely not that slim either.

Yes, my checked luggage and carry-on are maxed out so I need to backpack to take the additional items that are overweight
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Old Sep 3, 15, 2:19 pm

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This may be for elites but in my one experience on NH YVR-HND then the return HND-YVR they didn't even have a scale at the gate and didn't ask to weigh my backpack. They may have been scrutinizing people after priority boarding but lots of people got on carrying multiple/bigger items.
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Old Sep 7, 15, 10:40 pm

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ANA and Carry-On Baggage Weight: How Strict are They?

Many trips transpac, none domestic, never checked bag, not once did anyone pay any mind to my carryon weight.
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Old Sep 25, 15, 1:22 am

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Again, I have never, ever ever had NH ask me to weigh carry ons, at least not for international.

For domestic they have SIZE restricttions but as long as it can go through the x ray, never a problem.
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Old Sep 28, 15, 5:56 pm

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Earlier this year at MNL, they wanted to tag our carry-on bags, but did not weigh them. Will see if this is different in a few weeks time.
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Old May 25, 16, 4:13 pm

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Anyone have any update on this? I'm flying from NH5 LAX-NRT in F and will probably be 2-3 KGs over the 10KG limit.
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Old May 25, 16, 7:29 pm

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Originally Posted by gpeso8 View Post
Anyone have any update on this? I'm flying from NH5 LAX-NRT in F and will probably be 2-3 KGs over the 10KG limit.
Unless your bag is absolutely ginormous of size, no one is going to ask.
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