AA Lost and Found Numbers

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AA Lost and Found Numbers

In search of a recent item, I gathered local lost and found numbers (direct to the lost and found office). Some might find these usefull. I would encourage folks adding other numbers they know:


DFW: 972-425-2465
JFK: 718-632-3086
LAX: 310-646-3593 (Hours of operation are from 8:30-3:30)
MIA: 305-876-7377
ORD: 773-686-4234
SFO: 650-877-6121
SMF: 916-874-0701 (no local for lost on aircraft; AA main)
STL: 314-429-9410

Link to page with TSA lost and found numbers nationwide

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I'm afraid lost and found with American is a lost cause. I was in the back of the plane and had left a valuable item in the seat back. As soon as I got to the gate area, I noticed and rushed back on the plane-- guess what-I was way too late, and naturally no one had seen it. See, just because you paid for it, doesn't mean that you really own it.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by chasbondy:
I'm afraid lost and found with American is a lost cause. I was in the back of the plane and had left a valuable item in the seat back. As soon as I got to the gate area, I noticed and rushed back on the plane-- guess what-I was way too late, and naturally no one had seen it. See, just because you paid for it, doesn't mean that you really own it.</font>
Recently, a coworker of mine received a call from AA in STL. They left a voice mail telling him they had found something of his and requested that he call them. He had no idea what it was, but he called anyway. Turns out they found his cd player with cd's and headphones on the plane. He didn't even realize he'd lost them. They sent them to our office by FedEx. Very cool of them, and a very nice surprise.
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A few years ago, I left my passport in the seat pocket. Despite many frantic calls to AA lost and found in ORD, it never turned up. About a week later, my passport arrived in the mail from an AA agent at ORD.

Clearly some AA staff members do care about left items and are honest and thoughtful enough to make sure that they are returned to the proper owner. It's unfortunate that some (perhaps including the conractor cleaning crews) are not so honest and thoughtful, but I don't think the problem is unique to the airline industry.
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Hmmm...good thread.

SFO: 650-877-6121
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Added a link in the wiki, which includes:

STL - 314-429-9410
However, as this is an older thread, it'd be good to confirm that the upthread numbers are still accurate.
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LAX AA Lost and Found

AA Lost and Found Number for LAX

Hours of operation are from 8:30-3:30
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A few years ago I left my ipod in the seat pocket (in Business) on the flight from GIG-GRU. Didn't notice it until the flight attendant on the connecting flight to MIA brought it to me.

The GIG-GRU flight was very empty and I spent some of the time chatting with the flight attendant since she didn't have much to do. That probably helped.

My wife just forgot her kindle fire on a flight from MIA-DFW a couple of days age. She filed a claim with the lost luggage department. Have not heard anything yet. At her final destination in SMF they told her just last week alone they found 2 kindles on their S80 that flies here from DFW.
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MIA AA Lsot and found #

I recently experience a L&F issue at MIA D15 AC. It has been resolved to my satisfaction, however I want to point out the correct phone # for AA MIA L and F it is, 305, 526 1988. The 305 876 7377 is the general L & F for Miami airport and it is not specific to AA only.

Just an FYI.
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Lost and Found Database

Folks - all the numbers, emails, and URLs you need are in this Lost and Found database. Just enter your airport code and voila. It's free and no signup or other BS required. Enjoy.

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Cool AA Lost and Found Numbers

Bos 617-634-5205
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I dropped my cell phone at the ORD AAdmiral's Club a few years ago. I called them a few days later and they had said someone dropped it off a few days ago (probalby the same day I dropped it). They mailed it back to me within a couple of days.
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Is it worth mentioning, to remember put your name/phone number/email/address on possessions you want to keep?

On a device with a removable battery (some cell phones, most laptops) an additional sticker under the cover is less likely to fall off / wear off, if it ever gets that far.

The text does not have to be so large that it can be seen across the room, and you could use a po box or a work address, but it will improve your chances of getting your property back.

You might also be able to put the information on the graphic you use for your phone's wall paper.

Even if something is never lost, it can save confusion when two iPads or phones look identical.
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The problem with lost and found is that there really isn’t a solid procedure for dealing with these items that is clearly communicated to frontline employees. Generally items found on a plane will first be turned into operations (regardless if its found by a flight attendant or by cabin cleaners) unfortunately these items may sit around there for several days until they are finally forwarded to the lost and found departments. This may not be true in all cities, but I found this to be common. The best advise I can offer is contact early and make a couple follow up calls a few days apart. I would expect at least three business days after losing the item to have it located. Even if you leave a message or speak to a person directly I recommend calling back after a few days to ensure your request is not forgotten or lost.

Usually you should be able to direct any front line employee to find a given lost and found number by directing them to the station’s informational star for hours of operations in Saber (for example, Kansas City would be “*MCIHRS”, Denver would be “*DENHRS”), you can also politely ask the agent to contact operations for you from the information in this record but this may require a call back if it’s a busy time of day.
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Originally Posted by ZakkW View Post
AA Lost and Found Number for LAX

Hours of operation are from 8:30-3:30

Monday - Friday only.....
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