3 oz or 100ml?

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3 oz or 100ml?

I'm confused with what volume is considered the max for liquids/gels in our little quart size ziplock. TSA says 3 oz, foreign carriers say 100 ml (3.4 oz), a store I was at today selling products marketed as meeting TSA carryon requirements had both 3 oz and 3.4 oz containers. So which is it? Tried searching on this and couldn't find anything definitive.

I've been traveling more than a year with little unlabled travel bottles that I purchased and just poured my own shampoo, etc. into them. Never been an issue with TSA until recently when they were taken away from me for being "unlabeled" and without volume markings. The package when I bought them clearly said "3 oz" but there was nothing on the actual plastic bottle, not even on the bottom.

So I bought travel size bottles of brand name shampoo, etc. (3.4 oz, 100 ml) and will just refill them. Just want to make sure they're "legal".
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Where does it say that the containers need to be labeled?

And what sense does it make in the first place? If a highly organised terrorist finds a way to convert liquids to explosives, might he not also be able to fake a label to say 100 ml, even if the actual volume is 150 ml?

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Yes, 100 ml is now accepted
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Originally Posted by Points Scrounger View Post
Yes, 100 ml is now accepted
Correct. The official limit is 100 ml or 3.4 ounces. It used to be 3 ounces before TSA consulted our international partners and standardized the rule.
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I've just discovered that perhaps one of the reasons this topic comes up so frequently is that one cannot conduct a forum search on the term "3" or "3.4" or "oz." or "ml" because it's too small a parameter.

Since this question has been answered adequately once again, we'll close it.

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