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Designing with Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are environments in both casual and formal that they feel comfortable with the compliments modern and traditional construction and design of both minimalist and versatile. Classic Hardwood can be rock, jazz, country or hip-hop. State-of-the-art technology today with an almost unlimited choice of stains, finishes, shapes and designs associated floor is a floor covering practical and versatile available. Their beauty is permanent, like a fine wine, they mature with age.

Nature provides the inspiration when designing with hardwood floors. The natural wealth of hardwood offers a variety of wood grain structures, each unique and each corresponding to a particular institution. Oak forests contain many suitable growth rings and knots, and are the best, traditional and rustic decor. However, adding a glossy finish to elegant enough for formal dining. Woods such as maple, walnut and birch contain very little graining and are well suited to a contemporary and modern design.

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The Best Flooring Botticino Marble

Number of stories depicted in a house in search of her true beauty on the outside. Say in other words, we can see that the ground is an essential component of the interior. Therefore, we should give him immense importance. There are a variety of flooring available on the market. Some examples are with wooden floors, vinyl floors and so on, but the best ground marble floors.

Why Botticino marble floor materials such as marble tiles are the best? Floors installed with marble tiles are still cherished. You may have noticed that the soils lose installed with floor coverings made of materials other than marble tiles glaze their first few years.

Botticino marble will remain beautiful for years, but you must clean them regularly, it is not too difficult. They can easily be cleaned with water or soapy water to wash the tile floor. Take a look at other outstanding features of Botticino marble;

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Choosing Wood Floor

Wood floors give home and also added value. In the search for mineral projects, it is useful to understand, get set floor price of wood, so you know how to budget and ways to be prepared financially.

Of course you can, how they look, but the wooden floor inside their expenditure budget? There are many aspects to consider when you realize how hard they find their own cost hardwood floor. Look at each of them. If you find the price too much, consider him completely alone or with other services that could be cheap. If the appearance of wooden floors, love, or not, if your budget is all safe and still have no idea how to check the price, please read on.

Typical costs:

• Installation of the Convention states Strip parquet on average about $ 8 to $ 10 per m². for material, insulation material and processing location or more $ 12 per square meter for large pine boards, or at a price $ 1 or 150 to 1,750 U.S. dollars for the 12×12-foot room.

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