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Glass Bathroom Tiles, for Special Bath and Useful in their Own Way

Glass bathroom tile known to shine to bring someone to the bathroom. They are not expensive to use. Those were the days, this is an affordable solution to your bathroom tile. The name, glass tile bathroom, can you imagine the components of the type of tile. These tiles are made of glass and is available in six different types. All types are specific and useful in their own way. All of them can be used to tile a bathroom with ease. Surface treatments and methods of glass tiles is increasingly popular around the world.


These tiles have in common with molten glass tile bathrooms. The difference is that the tile is a thin surface layer of translucent.


This type of glass tile is known for his ‘kiss’. This was obtained in the form of a curved piece of glass during the combustion process.


This bathroom glass tile is opaque and can withstand intense color. They cut small pieces to get settled in the mosaic. It consists of sodium-potassium carbonate and get fused silica.

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