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Floor Maintenance in Different Way

Are you fed up with scratches on your hardwood floor? There are other solutions besides laying carpet. No problem if you have wood or parquet, floor sanding were able to make you look like new and lasts for years. If you’re curious how to sand the floor, keep reading!

Sand floor itself is a process including several stages, which requires much care. When I first found a way to sand the floor, I was surprised how complicated it is! First, you need to prepare the floor before the work can be done. This should be checked for worms and damaged wood. In case of serious injury, the Board shall be replaced by a new or protected from the bottom. Once you are sure all boards are secured and healthy, you need to hammer down any nails or screws for a smooth surface for further sanding to create. Also make sure there is a gap between the Board. Any vacancy shall be filled with pieces. This increases the stiffness of the floor and stop cold air from below. This also reduces the possibility of an insect that comes into your home dramatically. Once you’ve done all that, you’re ready to begin real work. All this preparation is very important, I can not imagine how the floor without sanding.

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Change your Rusty Window with the New One

A few years ago when I was shopping for a new home purchase, I find myself always drawn to old houses that have windows. In principle, this is the windows to be changed, and I kept wondering why I was interested in the type of home. I finally knew I wanted to be in control of my windows installed in my house.

Yes, it is home determined by many things, but for me the display windows and doors are very important. In my opinion, do not add charm and charisma to the house for more than a few well-chosen window, and there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to choosing the right time.

Fortunately, we now have several windows in all shapes and appearances. I’m always a little surprised about the limited options available 25 years ago. If you look at old houses, especially in certain areas in San Francisco, find the “look” similar in many homes. However, if the owner realizes that this window is not efficient, they switched to a high efficiency windows. While San Francisco has seen cold weather other parts of the U.S. witnesses, much of the older type of window proved very inefficient and far from “green” as possible. These are all serious reasons to consider installing new windows cost.

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