The Victorian Kitchen

As children growing up on a diet of E. Nesbitt and the novels of Charles Dickens, one of the images that captured the imagination of Victorian kitchen comfortable, especially in winter. In these stories, there was a fire burning in the fireplace, the kitchen baking delicious pies, and children who enjoy a cup of warm milk in long winter nights playing entertaining games.

Unfortunately, the reality for most people was probably very different. There was no central heating in those days, and you have to sit near the fireplace so you can make a real difference. Prepare the food was much harder then, and although there were many people who had the privilege of having enough staff to homes and food to eat, there were many who were starving.

But the image persists always welcome and if we have these fantasies about the modern kitchen that has no fireplace, maid uniform, a sink or pantry, you can create your own heat. small kitchen today with modern technology, more efficient and much less can still be a welcoming place.

First, we can get some good accessories such as rugs and dishes very sweet of China that can hang on the wall in imitation Victorian. Gives you a nice and comfortable look is evocative of the past. Similarly, jars and bottles of color can also give a rustic look outdated, besides being an idea of the decoration of cooking easy and inexpensive.

Kitchen furniture are not to be functional and look cool. Instead of a regular sheet, these are some very strong views? Paints, shades of colors can also be set up blinds expression. And what about art, colorful tapestries, such as dried flowers or embroidery done in house? (If your children are learning to sew at school, you can encourage them to complete their work on the wall.)

And then there’s what happens in the kitchen. To make your kitchen a more welcoming place in winter, you can create soups of winter. There’s nothing like walking on a street in cold, wet, after a day at work or school in a bowl, steam or pea soup thick lenses. For a nice smell and an excellent source of fiber to eat the soup, make fresh bread. It is well known, in fact, the smell of fresh bread sold more than a home … and for good reason.

If your child eats before you or your partner, do not serve food in the dining room. Place a small table or arrange chairs in the breakfast counter if you have one, and sit with them in the kitchen, sometimes dinner. This type of informal meal in the kitchen are the makings of a happy childhood, and memories of their children in the family dinner in the winter is always the best (and much better than the fairy tales of Victoria).

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