We spend a significant amount of money on paying bills related to home comforts. We want to live comfortably, but at the same time do not give a lot of money every month. Now it is real because we have prepared useful tips for you. We will teach you to save money wisely and not reduce your needs.

How to reduce energy usage?

Smart power sockets

Use the "smart" socket with a timer installed. There are 24-hour and "week" timers in supermarkets. Moreover, you can even buy special Wi-Fi sockets. They can be programmed by mobile phone directly. Its technology allows you to turn on / off electrical appliances at a convenient time.

Energy-saving light bulbs

It is necessary to use energy-efficient LED-lamps. They consume up to nine times less electricity than old types of bulbs. Moreover, they live at 6-7 times longer. Such kind of bulbs will help to reduce a third of the energy consumption. A small fluorescent lamp with a power of 23-27 volts gives as much light as a regular 100 W bulb!

Choose the right place for your refrigerator

Place the refrigerator 10 cm from the wall and away from batteries/direct sunlight. You should also find a cool and dark place for it in order to reduce energy consumption.

Use a vacuum cleaner properly

The vacuum cleaner consumes most electricity when you switch it on. Remember - it is not necessary to turn it off during cleaning. In addition, a dust-filled vacuum cleaner spends up to 20% more electricity.

Pay energy bills online

You need to pay attention to this paragraph. The fact is that modern online payment systems allow you to pay for bills without a commission. At the same time, banks, as a rule, charge a certain commission for such manipulations. You have probably seen such phrases as "centerpointenergy.compaybill pay" in Google or Yahoo. What does it mean?

A huge number of users prefer to use this special Internet platform. The system provides its services without any commissions. All actions are performed 24/7 automatically (no lines, pauses, etc.). Begin to save you money and time right now!

What is about water usage?

Hundreds of liters of water go "for nothing" every month. Every family can begin to save water, using a few simple tips.

Install lever faucets

Lever taps allow you to turn off the water faster and tighter. Its prices are reasonable, so you need not worry about your budget. You should realize its benefits would help you to have more money every month.

Experts also advise changing the toilet tank for one that uses less water. You can purchase a special tank with an energy-saving system that controls the water supply.

New generations of washing machines

A washing machine that has "A+" energy class is able to save tens of liters of water per month. Use washing machines wisely - do not overload it!

Saving heat

Insulate or replace windows

Do you know that 40% of the heat "leaves" the room through the windows? Install two-chamber double-glazed windows or to insulate already installed windows in order to keep warm in the apartment.